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BACK IN 1997 ….. We Believe It Till This Day, Today We Still Believe It And Tomorrow And Tomorrow…..Because We Believe And Have Faith In The Beauty Of THE ORIGIN OF HUMANITY :- We Were Born And Came Into This World With The Greatest GIFT OF LOVE From Our FATHER AND MOTHER. Most Importantly, We Came Here As A CHAMPION! Let’s Share And Spread This Message of UNIVERSAL LOVE To The Entire World!

Reach Deep Inside Our Heart, Listen and RETHINK:
As A Champion, We Don’t Come Here Merely To Eat And Sleep And Pay Bills. WE HAVE A HIGHER PURPOSE HERE ON PLANET EARTH, otherwise we wouldn’t be here.

So Let’s Make Miracles Happen, Together! The silent music of miracle is waiting for the right attitude in our part to be manifested into physical reality, flowing through each of us – and as it flows through us we must let it flow/give to others.

Why are the rich getting richer?

  1. They readily embrace new changes.
  2. They spend time to research and understand opportunities from emerging trends.
  3. They are decisive whenever an opportunity arises.
  4. They don’t shy away from large-scale investments.

Why are the poor getting poorer?

  1. They resist change and are fearful of getting cheated.
  2. They are overly cautious and close-minded, rejecting other’s ideas.
  3. Easily swayed by opinions, they lack their own judgement and hence miss out on precious opportunities.
  4. They are passive observers of other’s success.
  5. They like to ‘Wait’

Wait till I am rich?

Wait till I have time?

Wait till I am certain?

Wait till I discuss with my family?

Wait till others have done it?

All the waiting here and there, resulting in a waste of time and opportunity.

This is the ultimate tragedy of life’s decisions.

JASPAT INTERNATIONAL * Methodology, Part 1

To All Respectful Members of The JASPAT FAMILY :

孔老夫子曰:【 有德此有人,有人此有土,有土此有财,有财此有用。】

[ Possessing Moral Virtues leads to Possessing People,
Possessing People leads to Possessing Territory,
Possessing Territory leads to Possessing Wealth,
Possessing Wealth leads to Abundant Usages. ]

BACK IN 1997 …… JASPAT INTERNATIONAL innovated a brilliant yet simple solution to tackle the many problems we are facing today on a wide coverage.

The lack of sustainable financial capability i.e. MONEY is the root cause and main contributing factor to the major sufferings the entire World is facing, such as CONFLICTS, WARS, POVERTY, HUNGER, ILLNESSES, etc.

BACK IN 1997 …… JASPAT INTERNATIONAL designed a down-to-earth concept of ‘Inclusive Equal Redistribution of Global Wealth to the People’ to resolve all these problems and sufferings, namely

  • Equipped with JASPAT INTERNATIONAL Visionary Mission to Help Humanity regardless of Race, Religion, Culture,
  • Sharing (not selling) this opportunity with the people around us (Possessing People);
  • Share (not recruiting) with more people and build-up your network of JASPAT Social Consumers (Possessing Territory) with affordably low start-up;
  • Generate huge monthly Profit-Sharing (money) (Possessing Wealth) with our Maximisation Mechanisms and Reconsuming Mechanism;
  • Join JASPAT INTERNATIONAL in our Global Charity Movement (Abundant Usages) to extend our Heart and Soul to PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE.

With Humble : PATRICK LOY / Chief Executive Director / JASPAT INTERNATIONAL

Inspirational Sharing

Someone once ask who is the boss of JASPAT INTERNATIONAL❓

My boss answered: ✅
it is not important to know who I am! I am merely a loyal and humble servant of 【The ONE Above】!

And is here to serve 【The ONE Above】 and Family Members of 【JASPAT FAMILY - One World One Family 】

It is more important to know that People of the World need us to extend our {Hands of LOVE and GIVING} towards the (Manifestation and Accomplishment)to achieve the 【Era of The Great Harmony】 through 【LOVE and GIVING】.

We were born into this world through the love of our parents to selflessly and indiscriminately shower compassion and love to all fellow living entities. Especially during this hard time of Coronavirus Epidemic where we should be “ people of the four seas are liken unto brothers ”.

🤝 ONE Common Problem, ONE Simple Solution, ONE Heart and Soul, ONE Determination;

We Love, We Care, So We Share,
Together Through Difficult Times!

“ 😊 To Make The World SMILE With Us !😊 ”



is a SOCIAL ENTERPRISE ~ a Corporation to serve the community. Whose main purpose is non-profit oriented, but to seek for compassionate people alike of The Light ☀ Workers, The Rainbow 🌈 Warriors to work [ hand to hand, heart to heart, ONE heart and ONE soul ] to co-build

【 The Great Harmony Global Community 】!

John F. Kennedy once said : “Ask not what the country can do for you, but ask what you can do for the country?”

Quoting this famous declaration for


“Ask not what the world can do for you, but ask what you can do for the world?” 💜

Chinese proverbs :
“ No one has died in life since ancient times, and keeps the loyalty according to the history. ”

“The value of Death can be as heavy as Mount Tai and as light as a feather.” 🪶

Confucius said :
There are Superior and Inferior Body, Higher Conscience and Lower Conscience; those who manifest the Higher and Superior shall become likewise , while thus the Lower and Inferior. And waste not your short journey in this world.