Sharity Programmes


BACK IN 1997 …..

With all these objectives in mind and with the combined efforts and contributions of All JASPAT Consumers globally, we will utilize the funds generated by the company through Monthly Global Community Development Fund (GCDF) to build and sustain Charity Projects such as :

  • Free Education
  • Free Healthcare
  • Free Home For The Aged
  • Free Home For The Orphans And Young Children
  • Free Or Affordable And Nutritious Food
  • Access To Clean Water And Sanitation
  • Equality For Men, Woman And Animals
  • Forests Restoration
  • Rivers And Oceans Environmental Maintainence
  • Actions On Climate Change
  • Provide Transportation Benefits
  • Provide Affordable Housing
  • Environmental Protection

JASPAT International seek to inspires and potentially world-changing contributions by every JASPAT Consumers through our JASPAT Sharity Programs to envision and build a more loving and caring new world and creating a social change movements infused with love, empathy and grounded in love, compassion and spiritual wisdom and true practices for the poorest members of society, and those disadvantaged by gender, age, disability and ethnicity.

Action speaks louder than words, and with so much social and voluntary activities for our vast charity ambitions, we have created an outreach effort of Networks of Volunteers where ALL JASPAT Consumers are encouraged to contribute to Charity Missions undertaken by JASPAT International in Local, Regional and International Arena. A Merit Points Accumulation System will be awarded to JASPAT Consumers to enjoy future benefits, who have actively participated and contributed to charity missions undertaken directly or indirect coordinated combined efforts with other charity organizations.


A revolutionary change in buying and selling relationship is here, Now! A new kind of capitalism – inclusive capitalism – that does not generate profits for our corporation, but truly creates opportunity and prosperity for everyone!

In JASPAT International, when you recommend someone to purchase the product of the company, we express our gratitude by sharing the revenue with you. Through the Inclusive Sharing Economic Model of JASPAT International, you will be presented with an opportunity to uplift your financial status and standard of living for your family.

Register as a JASPAT Consumer and the more you share and recommend with someone else, the more Profit-Sharing you will receive. Your status and relationship with JASPAT International remain as a consumer, the products you purchased are for your own use and you are strictly forbidden to sell the products to another person. Therefore, you are merely recommending and not selling the products.

This is NOT Network Marketing (Multi-Level Marketing, Direct Selling or Pyramid Selling)!



Global Economic Trends of a Developing Nation :

1980 – 1985 : Roadside Establishments

1985 – 1990 : Private Firms

1990 – 1995 : Corporations

1996 – 1997 : Entrepreneurship

1998 – 2003 : Stock Investment

2003 – 2005 : Real Estate Investment

2005 – 2012 : Direct Sales

2012 – 2015 : Internet / Networking, Cloud Computing, Big Data, M-Commerce

2016 – 2020 : Social Media / Sharing Economy

If you use the thought process of 30 years ago to solve today’s problems, you will probably think that others are crazy, but in fact you are just out of touch.

Surely we’ve had enough of wage and debt slavery, of going to a job every day that we hate or bores us to tears, of all the competition and conflict, of all the pain and suffering – have we not?

BACK IN 1997, JASPAT International was already way ahead of the projected global economic trend to the year 2020!!!