Jaspat International Missionary Vision

Most countries are now engaged or engaging in international or regional trade agreements, working for the economic benefits of their country, from the direction of top to bottom.

*But only few trade organizations and corporations really benefits and enjoy the fruitful success of economic cooperations.*

The true fact is wealth is being held in a few hands : only 5 people in the world owns wealth equivalent to more than half of the world’s total population – 3.7 billion people! The number of billionaires rose at a rate of one every two days between March 2016 and this huge increase could have ended global extreme poverty 7 times over!

The current economic progress is working towards a people-less technologically dependent oriented industry, such as AI (Advanced Intelligent), ROBOTS, Full Automation, etc.

*Likewise, only few trade organizations and corporations with the capitals and technology really enjoy the fruitful success.* The greater wealth generated by higher productivity goes instead to the owners of these technologies.

Jack Ma : “ The AI and robots are going to kill a lot of jobs, because in the future it’ll be done by machines.”

McKinsey Global Institute estimates that half of all jobs could be automated by 2025.

In an opinion poll by YouGov, three-quarters of German adults, two-thirds of Britons and over half of Americans believe that The RICH get RICHER, and the POOR get POORER in capitalist economies, thus giving rise to escalating social unrest.



We believe this is how a good and efficient economics system should work to redistribute wealth so that everyone has a fair stake in the economy:

When the majority of the population is able to generate income not only for sustaining livelihood, but also sufficiently enough to spend, money will flow and economy will thrive!

People who have little property and savings and without national and personal resources, most people are left with chances which are only available to the few elite at the top. Most of the wealth created since the 2008 crisis has gone to the rich. Economic opportunities should not be reserved for a privileged few.

UN data reveal a troubling truth : without changes to how wealth is generated and distributed, the political convulsions that have swept the world in recent years will only intensify,

Whereas JASPAT International is working from the direction of bottom upwards, benefitting NOT ONLY THE FEW UP AT THE TOP, BUT THE MAJORITY 90% AT THE BOTTOM!

Nobel Laureate Robert M. Solow : “The science of economics should teach us not only how to increase the wealth of all of us, but to share the wealth more equally than we do.”

We live in increasingly divided societies, in which the social contracts that bind us are fraying. Societies have always had mechanisms for looking after those who have fallen on hard times. A solution-focused resources designed by JASPAT International to activate a system whereby we know it is possible to create an equal and sustainable financial opportunity with our People-Assets for people to generate more than sufficient income and money to care for ourselves, our family, our fellow business countrymen, our motherland, but also our less-privileged countrymen and for the betterment of humanity as a whole.

All this in the name of PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE where JASPAT International takes off from the ground and working in an Upward Direction, where

  • JASPAT International can help every individual to achieve financial freedom;
  • where JASPAT International can help families to achieve financial upgrading;
  • where JASPAT International can help the business sectors to gain more sales and generate higher profits;
  • where JASPAT International can help the government to increase tax collections to build a better nation;
  • where JASPAT International can help the less fortunate to accumulate more social welfare charity funds.

BACK IN 1997 …..We Envisioned and Believed that if we SHARE EQUALLY, The World will have enough Food; plenty of Clean Water; sufficient Natural Resources; Proper Housing; Good Healthcare and most of all – NO Fighting, NO Conflicts and NO Wars! At the end of each year, the United Nations releases its World Humanitarian Data and Trends report, which highlights the current nature of humanitarian crises, as well as their drives. None of us in the humanitarian community were surprised to see one word come up over and over again in this year’s report : CONFLICT. According to the UN, there are now 402 conflicts taking place around the globe. We are witnessing a terrifying 25-year peak in global violence. In 2015, violence cost the world $13.6 trillion and in 2016, the price tag was even higher, at $14.3 trillion, or 12.6% of global GDP. Twenty years ago, 80% of humanitarian aid went to people affected by natural disasters. Today 80% of aid goes to people who are threatened by violent conflicts. Equally concerning, the number of undernourished people worldwide has increased by nearly 40 million over the last two years. Last night, 815 million people went to bed hungry. The UN also recently warned that 20 million people are at immediate risk of dying of hunger. The primary reason? CONFLICT! After all, you can’t feed your children if someone with a weapon is standing between you and the food you need, or the work you do to earn money to buy it with. An unprecedented 65.6 million people are on the run, forcibly displaced from their homes and a long, grueling search for safety. Conflict is the number one driver of extreme poverty and hunger.

JASPAT International have taken actions to take the lead to this holistic movements of EQUAL SHARING and our message to everyone out there is : – with so many holistic objectives to accomplish For Humanity, we need and sincerely invite people who are passionate about improving the state of the world with open arms and heart to join us in bringing together every aspects of resources, big or small, all businesses, private sectors, civil society, philanthropists, experts, local and regional governments to come together, transformational CHANGE can happen. It’s time for our better angels to shine again with mission-driven template for cooperation in a fractured world. International collaboration is all about recognizing the strength of diversity, the power of sharing, and the benefits that accrue when neighbors work together to achieve common goals with One United Combined Effort.

Jack Ma : ”We have the responsibility to have a good heart, and do something good. Make sure that everything you do is for the future.”