Jaspat Corporate Logo The Truth

As depicted in our corporate logo, JASPAT INTERNATIONAL is committed to solve the problems of the world, which can only be accomplished with the unifying principle of Love : ONENESS UNION of HEAVEN, EARTH and PEOPLE in Spiritual, Political and Economic platform.

The business of business should not just be business, it should be to create value for society. JASPAT International solemnly pledge, as far as social responsibility and sustainability are concerned, to build a society of One People One Nation where People live in Perfect Harmony with one another. In spite of cultural differences, the value of having strong communities is universal.

The emergence of increasing scientific evidence suggests that the quantum field we live in is a single universal field of intelligence confirming the timeless wisdom from many teachers that we are all One and an extension of One, the source of “All That Is”.

BACK IN 1997 …..We envisioned with the combined efforts of ALL HUMANITY in achieving sustainable economic growth, regardless of Religion, Race, Nationality, Skin Color, Social Status; to achieve less or no War, less or no Poverty, less or no Conflict, less or no Criminal Activities, less or no Sufferings, less or no Natural Calamities due to immoral sins committed, less or no more Tears,

for the Ultimate Goal of JASPAT INTERNATIONAL is :
“ To Make The WORLD SMILE With Us ! “ for
Miracle Happens ! As we strive towards
“One For All, All For One!”

Imagine a world with no poverty, no hunger; and healthy, happy people!